"Manachya Khol Talatun" is Dr. Pallavi A. Joshi's new book which is basically a compilation of articles based on her experiences with her patients in the Psychiatry world, which she got during her M.D. training. The book throws light on many rarely touched topics like - Autism, Mental Retardation, Pregnancy in Mentally ill, Homosexuality, Gender Identity Disorder, Terrorist presenting as patient, Psychology of prostitutes, End of life care issues, Medical miracles and many more. These experiences are presented in beautiful story format and meaningful take home message at the end of every article makes it special.

In her words - "When their faith in their own life was shaking due to their mental illnesses, these people showed faith in me and opened their story to me. Their reality was "different". When I looked at their problems, I understood not to label small deficiencies in life as problems. They loved me and kept me "human". This book is dedicated to "my patients of psychiatry" who have enlightened the formative years of my life."


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