Company: Cypress Semiconductors
June 2017
Topic: "Women's Health - 360 degree"
Company: JUNIPER
January 2017

  • How we are different than males?
  • How to strive work life balance?
  • Challenges of working women
  • Lifestyle modifications and stress management
  • Preventing and diagnosing women specific mental and bodily health issues
  • Basic health tips and some checks to practice in daily life
  • A note on OTC drugs and taking your medications seriously
  • Some quick stress busters
Topic: "Understanding the distress & ways to control it"
Organizer: Vidarbha Lady Lawyers and District Bar Association Nagpur
October 2016
Organizer: APONI conference on Infertility management organized by Mathrutva Fertility Centre
October 2016
Workshop on "Sleep Management"
Company: CGI, Bangalore
July 2016
Organizer: Narendra Nagar Seniors Citizen Club, Nagpur
March 2016

  • Understanding the process of 'AGING'
  • And changes it poses on personality, mind and health
  • Understanding difficulties and overcoming the same to an extent
  • Understading the needs which increase in old age, accepting the changes in relationships over the time
  • How to engage onself productively
  • How to handle past, how to control anger
  • What to do to reduced the chances of Dementia
  • Simple changes to maintain independecy for longer time
Topic: "Overcoming the grief"
Company: Telerad RxDx and DC solutions
September 2015

  • Understanding the grief and its course
  • How not to react to daily fluctuations of mind
  • How to take one day at a time,
  • Resuming the routine step by step
  • Not being judgemental about self and others too
  • Taking spiritual help
  • Regular Ventilation of all emotions
  • Establishing virtual connection with died loved one
  • Developing the Altruistic attitude
  • Forming a self-help group
  • Some behavior therapy methods
  • When to talk to mental health care provider
  • What to say, how to behave when someone you know is grieving
Topic: Resilience and Self care
College: SMVMCH, Pondicherry
July 2015
Topic: Psychiatric and Psychological aspects of Surrogacy
Organizer: National Seminar on Surrogacy, Nagpur
February 2015

  • Psychodynamics involved in Surrogacy,
  • Necessity of periodic counseling
  • The dilemma - 'my baby, your body' versus 'your baby, my body'
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