Topic: Emotional Wellness (Panel Discussion) (31-3-2019)
Organizer: The Fuller Life


Topic: Strategies on how to be happy (7-6-2017)
Organizer: Cypress Semiconductors


Topic: Overall Wellness of Women (20-1-2017)
Company: Juniper Networks


Topic: Sorrogacy - The Psychological & Psychiatric Aspects (2-12-2016)
Conference: Infertility and High Risk Pregnancy Conference, Aponi-2016
Organizer: Mathrutva Fertility Centre


Topic: Sleep Management (4-7-2016)
Company: CGI, Bangalore


Topic: Overcoming Grief (18-9-2015)   
Company: Telerad RxDx


Topic: Addressing the Emotional Needs of Elderly (22-08-2014)
Company: IBM


Topic: Stress Management (12-08-2014)
Company: SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.